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Hello! I’m the only owner of this blog, pearl balloon AKA the real pear. I enjoy blogging ad playing video games!

On this blog you will see,

-Random Things

-Tips If You’re New To Fantage

-And Alotta Other Stuff

I am a new blogger and I hope you enjoy my blog!

❤ the real pear


Highlight the text below please! 🙂 :

If you haven’t read the post before this please read it! Or else this might  not make sense.

Ok! The same girl came back and started advertising,” BRIDGE TO ARABIA MY PLCCCCCC” WHAT NOW?! O.O

The Fair Came to town!

Hey guys! I’mma tell you what I did today!

Ok so first, I went to the national parade to celebrate the fair coming to town. I filled my Walmart bag with candy and had a ton of fun! After that, we went back home to eat lunch. Then we went to the fair and me and my younger brother rode all the rides. Of course I ended up having to take another motion sickness pill. But then I was good and rode some more rides. Then I ate funnel cake and drank soda and then went home.My favorite ride was Vertigo. On Vertigo you sit in these swing and go really high and start swinging around really fast. It was SO MUCH FUN! My brothers favorite was Sea dragon. That ride got way more intense than it should be. Seriously I can’t go on that thing I will SCREAM AND CRY. LOL ok that’s all I got guys!



Oh hey people! I haven’t posted in 1800 years so I hope you didn’t mind my ” holiday ” ok I have no clue what to talk about… well lets get this post started already.

Since none of you ever participate in anything I’m doing a contest! Yeah guys. SO GET COMPETITIVE! Do you seriously want me to win by default? Well even if you do, I’m not participating… never mind here’s my story and it has to be longer that this, ” Barney was a normal dinosaur until he turned purple. ” so more than one sentence please… Please guys in most of the comment things I hear crickets.

Theme: What you think its like to be handicapped ( if you are just explain what it’s like )

So I hope you’re going to participate in it because I love reading! Please participate ppl.


35 Follows special!!!

Hey guys thanks for 35 follows! * crowd going crazy * so since I got 35 follows I’m thinking I should start leaving with something more special than just ” ❤ the real pear ” so I will leave that at the bottom!

Another way to celebrate is we are going to have cake. Just kidding its all gone * points *


Tips For ” NEWBS “

1st of all don’t let anyone call you a newb or newbie or whatever. We have ALL had to start fantage at sometime!

Now your inventory won’t be like THIS on your first day 73

You will probably be something like this72

So you came here to find out how to be a decent looking ” Newb ” well just take the daily quiz every day. And fantage is supposed to be HAPPY. So if someone tells you you’re a Newby just say ” Why do YOU care? ”

❤ the one and only pear

Guess Who’s Back!

Me!!! That’s who! Well I got back on yesterday but I forgot my username for wordpress… Anywhoo… I’m back!

Since I’m back I am planning on adding more pages to my blog… if you are new to blogging feel free to following me because I am too!

❤ the real pear